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Music that Heals your Soul.

People frequently ask me about the genre of my music. However, defining my sound isn't necessarily the main focus; rather, it's about its purpose. Whether performing at clubs or festivals, my aim is to invite people on a captivating musical and emotional journey.

My sound encompasses more than just beats and synthesizers; it incorporates pianos and orchestras as well. Together, these elements embark on a soulful and sensational voyage.

Open Air Stages, Clubs and Theatres.

My music is perfectly suited for Open Air stages and Theatres, although I am also capable of delivering more dynamic and energetic versions of my tracks for Club performances.

I perform live.

In a world where Djing has become more accessible for a lots of artists, I chose to push my signature by performing live sets. My live gear will vary according to the space available on stage, from two devices up to six. Regardless, when smaller stages could become a challenge, I am able to use the CDJs for gigs especially in clubs.

My past Experiences

I had the honour to collaborate with great artists like Priscilla Ahn, KoraVincent Lee, Nick BroadhurstNine One releasing in many different labels and performing in notorious festivals as WeLove Safari Festival, Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival, Bohemian BeatFreaks Festival and Black&White Official Opera House.

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Let's work together

Booking and enquiries

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