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Alexx Hermánn is an Italian/Japanese artist based in Sydney, Australia.

His musical journey began at the age of 5 in Milan, Italy, where he immersed himself in classical music and music theory through piano lessons. As he entered his teenage years, Alexx developed a passion for soundtracks and began composing cinematic music for films and short films.

After completing his degree in Piano, Music Theory, and Composition at the Conservatorium of Cuneo, Italy, he achieved recognition by winning several music awards and even composing the soundtrack for a feature film on Netflix.

Fueling his fascination with the world of cinema, Alexx pursued further studies and obtained a PhD in Films, Photography, and Multimedia Communication at the Fine Arts Academy of Cuneo.


In 2018, after a meaningful sojourn in Japan to reconnect with his ancestral roots, he released his debut solo album. This album showcased his unique artistic sound, blending cinematic music with progressive electronic beats.

Alexx's music captured the attention of renowned artists worldwide, leading to exciting collaborations and release opportunities with international record labels.

Guided by a sincere desire to evoke profound emotions in his listeners, Alexx's music aims to guide people on a transformative journey of self-discovery. With a deep interest in mental health, psychology, and philosophy, his artistry seeks to counter the societal pressures of constant comparison and validation.


“In a world in where everyone is trying to impress others, we forget our purpose and we get lost in the ocean. It is okay to get distracted or to look for fun and parties; but more and more of us are becoming slaves of the meaningless judgement of this ‘social media society’, this need, this urge to show others that we’ve got life all together. My only wish, as an artist, is to create music and videos that help people to slow down, and look inside themselves. When we shift our attention inward, we live a much meaningful life.”

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